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Our History

For over 15 years we have assisted our clients to effectively respond to workplace conflict or serious complaints of bullying, harassment, misconduct and other negative workplace behaviours.

Our overarching philosophy is to find a timely and cost effective resolution to issues – i.e. we investigate to resolve and educate to prevent, strengthen and empower.

We provide expertise to assist with appropriately managing each stage of the complaint cycle, from conducting a thorough assessment of a matter to allow for an informed decision about the most appropriate response, through to delivering effective and timely reviews, investigations and conflict resolution measures.

Our small, knowledgeable and experienced team with work with you to reach the best solution for your needs. Our investigations are thorough, independent and follow the principles of natural justice. Over the past fifteen years we have conducted work for a wide variety of clients including both the Federal and Queensland State Governments departments and agencies, Local Governments, schools, universities, not for profit organisations and a wide range of private organisations.

Our Team Members

Why Choose Us

Investigate Resolve Educate

  • Investigations – Ashdale conducts independent, thorough and fair investigations in a timely manner. Our Investigation reports are clear, well written and provide a complete picture of the case with recommendations for further action (if required) and indications of systemic issues.
  • Complaint Assessment – A full investigation may not always be the best solution. Our investigators can assess a complaint and recommend alternative routes to reach resolution including mediation and workplace reviews.
  • Mediation – Our mediators can assist you in reaching a resolution through facilitated discussions and agreements between the parties involved in a conflict. They can also provide coaching to both those involved in a conflict situation and to those managing the conflict
  • Training – Ashdale can provide training to assist in preventing and managing conflict in the workplace. We can train your team to manage investigations and deal with challenging staff members