Why conduct an independent workplace investigation?

Why conduct an independent workplace investigation?

Bullying, harassment and other inappropriate workplace behavior’s can quickly create a toxic workplace culture if not dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

An employee who has taken up the courage to lodge a formal complaint deserves to be heard. At the same time those that they have made complaints against also deserve to tell their story.

Depending on the matter an HR department may have the capacity to deal with a complaint or allegation internally or they may wish to employ an independent party such as Ashdale to fully investigate a matter.

Complex matters can be demanding on resources and require specialist expertise to ensure that a fair investigation is conducted and that all the evidence and findings is provided to the decision maker in a clear and logical manner.

The employment of an external independent body also ensures all conflicts of interest are avoided and provides a message to those involved that the complaint is being treated with the upmost sincerity.

When the complaint is received it is not always clear that a full investigation is required. Ashdale can assist by conducting a Complaint Assessment and identity suitable courses of action. This will involve a review of the complaint and an interview with the complainant, followed by either a written or verbal brief.

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